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Wheel Chock Block

Product Numbers: 2012619164111

Product description: Wheel Chock Block 1.SGS and ISO 9001:2000 Certification security fastener 3.wide usage


Wheel Chock Block 


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Guaranteed Security:

1)The vehicles are immobilised without the use of man power.
2)Solidly set in place; the chocks can withstand the force of a truck at full power
3)Chocks are completely safe.
4)Is able to lock any type of vehicle and securely hold it in more than one position.

An Easy-to-Use Product:

1)Chocks are activated by way of a simple control panel.
2)No tools are needed to dismantle the chocks.
3)There are no engines, no lubricating devices, no gears, and no chains.

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