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Product Numbers: 2012739140

Product description: Stainless Brass Bushing 1.Material: Brass 2.Reasonable price 3.ISO & SGS 4.Professional manufacturer & trader



High Performance Brass Bushing Used in Industry


 Professional manufacturer that is engaged in Non-ferrous metal casting and Machine processing. Our products mainly includes Copper Sheathing, Bushing, Ring rolling, Shaft bushing, Spindle sleeve, T2 copper end ring, Worm wheel of tractor, Steel and Copper cylinder of Circular knitting Machine and all Non-ferrous casting products. Main materials involve copper, aluminum, Zinc and all kinds of high-density non-ferrous metal alloy etc. They are widely used in Knitting machines, Cotton machines, Mining machines, Cement machines, Electric machines, Elevator tractors, Shipping machines, Space and Military industry products etc.


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