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Forming metal on a bend press a main feature of sheet metal is its ability to be formed and shaped by a variety of processes. Each process does something different to the metal giving it a different shape or size.
Stretching is a process where sheet metal is clamped around its edges and stretched over a die or form block. This process is mainly used for the manufacture of aircraft wings, automotive door and window panels.
Drawing forms sheet metal into cylindrical or box shaped parts by using a punch which presses the blank into a die cavity.
Deep Drawing
Deep Drawing is a type of drawing process where the depth of the part is greater than its diameter. Deep drawing is used for making automotive fuel tanks, kitchen sinks, 2 pieces aluminum cans, etc.
Cutting sheet metal can be done various ways from hand tools called tin snips up to very large powered shears. With the advances in technology, sheet metal cutting has turned to computers for precise cutting.
Bending and Flanging
Bending and flanging imparts stiffness to a sheet metal part or to form various shapes, such as 3 piece aluminum cans.
Punching and Shearing
During punching or shearing, the sheet metal is cut by using a punch and die.
Spinning is used to make axis-symmetric parts by applying a work piece to a rotating mandrel with the help of rollers or rigid tools. Spinning is used to make rocket motor casings and missile nose cones for example.
Press Forming
This is a form of bending used for long and thin sheet metal parts.
Roll Forming

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