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Product Numbers: 2017411164636

Product description: 1 due to the mould chamber to guide the flow of metal, the shape of the forgings can be more complex. 2 the forging press forging streamline contours distribution within the forging, thus improve the mechanical properties and service life of the parts. 3 simple operation, easy to realize mechanization, high productivity.

In the die forging hammer or press on the die forging the metal blank forging process. Forging process production efficiency, low labor intensity, size accuracy, processing margin is small, and forged shape complex forging; for mass production. But the mold cost is high, need a dedicated die forging equipment, not suitable for single or small batch production.
1. The shape of the forging can be complicated by the flow of the guide metal.
2. The forging streamline inside the forging is distributed according to the profile of the forging, thus improving the mechanical properties and service life of the part.
3. Simple operation, easy to achieve mechanization, high productivity.

Specification: 206mm*152mm*38mm
Material: 25MNCRNIMOA
Forging Precision:±1mm
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